Splashed-glaze bowl fragment (base+rim sherd) - 988.117.56_1


Splashed-glaze bowl fragment (base+rim sherd)

Medium:Ceramic (earthenware), slip-incised with a lead-glaze, splashed in copper-green, iron-yellow and manganese-purple
Geography: al-Fustāt excavations, Egypt
Date: c. 975-1025 AD
Period: Abbasid Period
15.1 x 11 x 5 cm
Object number: 988.117.56
Credit Line: Division of excavated material granted to the Royal Ontario Museum by the American Research Centre in Egypt, in appreciation of the contribution given to excavations conducted at Fustat, near Cairo, by George Scanlon.
Not on view
DescriptionAlthough some vessels of this general type are made in Iraq, this "splashed ware" bowl was made at al-Fustat using the same materials as the potters making lustre-wares in the Fatimid period.
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