Woman’s summer day dress - ROM2011_12372_1


Woman’s summer day dress

Medium:Woodblock-printed cotton tabby
Geography: USA
Date: 1855-1858
140 x 117 cm
Object number: 975.241.25
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Henry P. Kendall
Not on view
DescriptionThe dress employs two coordinated prints, one with overall hexagon and the other a border printed à disposition, executed on the sheer paned muslin. The border print was clearly intended to be used for the ruffles on the skirt as this was the latest fashionable style. Though roller printing was commonplace at this time, block printing by hand offered the printer more control over the quality of printing on such an expensive and delicate textile. The brown dye, cutch or catechu from the acacia tree, may have been used in this textile. It was a popular choice of dye at this time because it was fast and withstood, making it very suitable for this delicate muslin dress that would require washing after wear.
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