Tomb cover (cenotaph) with Shiite kufic inscriptions - ROM2015_14658_3


Tomb cover (cenotaph) with Shiite kufic inscriptions

Maker: Muhammad b. Ahmad
Medium:Wood, carved
Geography: Iran
Date: 11th-12th century AD
Period: Mediaeval Period
69.5 x 145.1 x 60.5 cm
112 lb
Object number: 974.68.1
On view
Gallery Location:Wirth Gallery of the Middle East
DescriptionMany holy tombs are marked by a casket-shaped box in wood or stone, although the burial itself is in the ground below. Arabic inscriptions in Kufic script include the Twelve Shiite Imams as well as verses from the Qur'an (complete first Surah and part of second). Some sayings attributed to the Prophet are most appropriate, such as: "This world is the sowing ground for the next. The grave is the storage chest (sunduq, which is a pun refering to the term used for the wood box) of good works." In the panels around the sides the names of the Prophet, his daughter and son-in-law Ali, and their two sons Hasan and Husayn identify the revered person as a Shiite.
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