Face and core of rag doll - 931.64.5_1


Face and core of rag doll

Medium:Bone (carved and drilled)
Geography: al-Fustāt, Egypt
Date: 800-1100 AD
Period: Mediaeval Period
16.7 x 4.7 x 0.9 cm
Object number: 931.64.5
Not on view
DescriptionThese bone objects are well-known from the finds at al-Fustat or Old Cairo, characterised by designs created by drilling with hollow drills and incision. Some are difficult to discern, but some are obviously faces, which may enable the identification of other decoration as being faces with tattoos, facial tattoos being common in rural Egypt up until recent times. Very rarely objects like this are found with textile fragments that would indicate that they are the faces of dolls, with the rest of the original object made of cloth.
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