Uninscribed funerary statuette - ROM2019_17387_25


Uninscribed funerary statuette

Medium:Basalt, carved and incised
Geography: Undetermined site, Egypt
Date: c. 1985-1773 BC
Period: 12th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom
14 × 3.6 × 4 cm
Object number: 919.3.1
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt

Funerary statuettes made their first appearance in Egypt during the 12th Dynasty and were mostly carved individually of hard stone, such as this one of basalt. Only one or two statuettes would have benn included in each tomb. The initial purpose of the statuette would have been to act as a substitute for the body of the deceased, so that offerings could be received for the Afterlife.

This mummiform funerary statuette wears a tripartite wig with incised vertical striations. A horizontal incision marks the bottom of the wig and its lappets. There is damage on the back of the wig. The wig wraps around the rather large modelled ears. The face is well modelled with brows, outlined eyes, nose, mouth and chin indicated. Between the wig lappets on the front of the figure are carved four rows of a decorative collar.

The appearance of the figure is that of a wrapped mummy wearing a mask.  The arms of the figure are not indicated. The shape of body with shoulders, legs and buttocks is subtly modelled. The feet originally projected forward, but have been broken off from the figure.  The bottom is flat and seems to have been trapezoidal in shape.

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