Coffin and lid of Ta-sheryet-ahet - ROM2019_17180_2


Coffin and lid of Ta-sheryet-ahet

Medium:Wood, carved, inscribed and polished
Geography: Probably Tuna el-Gebel, Egypt
Date: c. 332-201 BC
Period: Early Roman Period
176 cm
Object number: 930.103.2.A
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt

This fine coffin was carved from a single log of imported wood, possibly European larch.  Extra pieces, now lost, were once added to the arm and shoulder area, and the front of the feet, to conform to the standard coffin shape.  The complete coffin was made for Ta-sheryet-Ahet, the daughter of the High Priest of Hermopolis Djed-Thot-ef-ankh and the Lady Seta-irt-bint.  Several of this family's coffins have the glyphs carved out for inlays; in this case, the glyphs are carved, but there is no evidence of inlays.

The inscription is a version of Spell 72 of the Book of the Dead.

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