Bowl with incurving rim - ROM2016_15061_50


Bowl with incurving rim

Medium:Siltstone, carved and smoothed
Geography: Undetermined site, Egypt
Date: c. 3100-2613 BC
Period: 1st-3rd Dynasty, Early Dynastic Period to early Old Kingdom
11.6 x 21.6 cm
Object number: 910.172.1
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DescriptionBy the Early Dynastic Period the ancient Egyptians were skilled stone workers. Stone vessels are more commonly found in tombs in this period than any other. The outside of the vessel would be shaped first and then the inside of the vessel would be hollowed out with a drill with a flint bit. Siltstone was a very commonly used stone for both bowls and cylinder jars at this Period. The siltstone was most commonly obtained from quarries in the Wadi Hammamat, a valley leading from the Nile to the Red Sea in Upper Egypt. This vessel is a convex-sided bowl with incurving plain rim.
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