Dove-tail clamp of Nectanebo II - ROM2018_16322_51


Dove-tail clamp of Nectanebo II

Medium:Bronze, cast and inscribed
Geography: Bubastis, Egypt
Date: c. 360-343 BC
Period: Reign of Nectanebo II, 30th Dynasty, Late Period
11.8 × 29.1 × 4 cm
Object number: 909.80.303
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Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionNectanebo II was the last native Egyptian ruler of Egypt in ancient times. He was installed on the Egyptian throne by the Spartan king Agesilaus II, who helped him overthrow his predecessor Teos and fight off a rival. Teos fled to exile in Achaemenid Persia. After a reign of 17 years, Nectanebo II was defeated by the Achaemenid Persian king Artaxerxes III, and fled first to Memphis then into Upper Egypt, and eventually into exile in Nubia. A medieval legend has it, however, that Nectanebo then fled to Macedonia and the court of Philip II, the leader of the anti-Persian element at the time. There he seduced the king's wife, and fathered the future Alexander the Great. Nectanebo was very active in construction across Egypt, restoring and building temples and other structures. Dovetail clamps of this type fit into slots of adjoining stone bricks to keep them in position while the next course was laid. The bronze examples are inscribed with the name of Nectanebo II.
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