Bandolier bag (friendship bag) - ROM2017_15528_1


Bandolier bag (friendship bag)

Maker: Anishinaabeg (Ojibwa)
Medium:Beads, cloth
Geography: Probably Great Lakes region
Date: c. 1870
103 x 25 cm
Object number: NS27287
Not on view
DescriptionOf all the Anishinaabeg’s beadwork objects, their shoulder bags were by 1900 the ultimate sartorial expression of their art and culture. Men and women in positions of high social status wore them on ceremonial occasions, both religious and secular. These distinctive and spectacular objects were the Anishinaabeg’s most valuable items of trade, gift exchange, and diplomatic presentation, widely conveyed within their own community and to other nations. For these reasons they became known as “Friendship Bags.” The early example shown here with its large areas of geometric patterns in loom-woven beadwork (over the straps and pocket panel) probably dates to the 1870s.
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