Sandstone stele of Shakyamuni Buddha - ROM2005_3624_1


Sandstone stele of Shakyamuni Buddha

Medium:Carved sandstone
Geography: China
Date: c. 523
Period: Northern Wei Dynasty
224.8 x 72 x 26 cm
Object number: 949.100
On view
Gallery Location:Matthews Family Court of Chinese Sculpture
DescriptionThe central scene of this stele is in the typical style of the Northern Wei Dynasty, and shows Shakyamuni Buddha in a pavilion, flanked by two bodhisattvas. Over it, the story of Great Departure is depicted: prince Siddhartha, the future buddha, is leaving his father's palace, in search of enlightenment. Flying immortals uphold his horse's hooves, to prevent their noise from alarming the palace guards. At the back of the stele is another buddhist triad, heavily damaged. All other figures are donors, the most important ones sitting in small pavilions.
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