Portrait of Mughal Emperor Jahangir at the jharokha (balcony window) - ROM2011_11983_8


Portrait of Mughal Emperor Jahangir at the jharokha (balcony window)

Medium:watercolour, silver, gold on paper
Geography: Lucknow or Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh (Oudh), India, South Asia
Date: late 18th century
Period: Mughal
18.8 x 12 cm
Object number: 920.83.4
Credit Line: Museum Purchase; Gift of Rous & Mann Ltd., Toronto
Not on view
DescriptionPortrait of Mughal Emperor Jahangir (ruled 1605-1627) at the jharokha (balcony window). The daily practice of appearing at the window and giving an audience to the public was adopted from medieval Indian kings by Mughal rulers from Akbar onwards. In this painting, note the white marble inlaid with precious stones in floral patterns and cusped arch that defines the architecture, in keeping with the style of architecture developed under Emperor Shah Jahan, builder of the Taj Mahal. Also note the red textile curtain with gold embroidery and green border, consistent with the textile used in Mughal imperial tent architecure. The painting has a border flecked with silver leaf (now oxidized to a dark colour), matching several other paintings in the collection, 920.83.1-.7.
South Asia
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