Lamp in the shape of a goose - ROM2005_3891_1


Lamp in the shape of a goose

Medium:Cast bronze
Geography: China
Date: 206 BC - 8 AD
Period: Western Han Dynasty
43.3 cm
Object number: 995.46.1
Credit Line: Dr. Herman Herzog Levy Bequest Fund
On view
Gallery Location:Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of China
DescriptionIn the Han period, bronze vessels were no longer used primarily for ritual purposes. They were adapted for domestic use. The evidence for this change is found in the prevalence of less elaborate and more functional shapes and styles. At the same time, a new luxury market for decorated braziers, mirrors, lamps and censers developed with aristocratic clientele keeping bronze casters busy. The casting technique also changed. Instead of using ceramic moulds, a model was made in wax, then covered in clay and heated. The bronze was poured into the resulting hollow, a technology borrowed from the West around the 6th century BC.
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