Protocorinthian aryballos with 'running dog' frieze and animal frieze - ROM2018_16820_18


Protocorinthian aryballos with 'running dog' frieze and animal frieze

Maker: Attributed to the Madonelle Painter
Medium:Wheel-thrown earthenware, slip-painted with incised detail
Geography: Made in Corinth, Greece; findspot unknown
Date: about 650 BC
Period: Greek Archaic period
Object number: 923.13.172
Credit Line: Gift of the Members of the Royal Ontario Museum
On view
Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece
DescriptionThis oil flask (ovoid aryballos) is painted early in the development of the black-figure technique. Most of the decoration is shown in silhouette, but there are a few examples of incised details on the figures. The shoulder is decorated with two running dogs, and on the belly is a frieze of other animals - 3 dogs and a lion. It is dated to the Middle Protocorinthian period and was attributed to the Madonelle Painter by Neeft.
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