Seal impression with bust of Ptolemy III Euergetes - ROM2016_15127_6


Seal impression with bust of Ptolemy III Euergetes

Medium:Stamped, unfired clay
Geography: Edfu, Egypt
Date: c. 246–222 BC
Period: Reign of Ptolemy III Euergetes, Ptolemaic period
1.3 x 1.1 cm
Object number: 906.12.65
Not on view

Clay sealings from Ptolemaic Egypt

These ancient sealings were found at Edfu, Upper Egypt; they were used to seal official or private letters written on papyrus rolls. The letters or documents were rolled up and tied with string which passed through the lumps of clay flattened by the pressure of the seal. In some instances, more than one seal impression was made on a single piece of clay. The reverse side of an impression may show the marks of the papyrus texture and the groove left by the string.

The range of subjects of the Hellenistic seals was extensive. Some of them may be our only record of the likenesses of certain Ptolemaic kings and queens. The unique mixture of Greek and native Egyptian influences is also evident in many of the impressions.

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