Disc earring with dove pendant - ROM2018_16192_13


Disc earring with dove pendant

Geography: Ionia (modern Turkey)
Date: about 325-100 BC
Period: Hellenistic period
Object number: 962.244.A
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Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece

The dove-shaped pendant is suspended from a disc decorated with a rosette with petals outlined in filigree. A bead of dark glass with a white band, threaded to a gold wire, acts as a spacer between the disc and the pendant. A large suspension hook is attached to the back of the disc.

The hollow birds were hammered over a mold in two sections and soldered together. Each bird sits on a small drum decorated with filigree spirals. The eyes, wings and tail of the doves are outlined in filigree; a rosette with a granuel at its centre decorates the breast.  

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