Portrait bust of Co-Emperor Lucius Verus - ROM2011_12045_9


Portrait bust of Co-Emperor Lucius Verus

Geography: Found in Ostia, Italy
Date: about 161-169 AD
Period: Imperial Roman period, reign of Lucius Verus
96 × 69.2 cm
Object number: 933.27.3
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Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Imperial Roman portraiture, busts

Lucius Verus

 Portrait of heroic size, representing the prince in middle life. Head turned slightly to the right. The bust, of regular Antonine shape, wears tunic, cuirass and paludamentum fastened over the right shoulder with a round brooch decorated with a petalled rosette; the drapery, falling in very rich folds, is thrown back over the left shoulder. The cuirass is bordered by a simple linear profile; a series of soft, fringed lappets covers the right shoulder: they lie on top of a soft cloth covering the arm; a short length of this cloth protrudes from under the lappets. The cuirass has a long narrow shoulder-piece with a stepped outside edge: brought forward to chest, it is attached with a tie to the front of the cuirass through a circular hole placed in the centre of a small boss. The eyes have an incised iris and pupil of very moderately carved depth; low, incised eyebrows; small moustache; rich beard, parted in the middle, dressed in short screw locks at the bottom and extending to the locks in front of the ears; very thick, curly hair deeply drilled; fine, downy facial hair from corners of mouth to beard.

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