Cerussite, Light of the Desert - ROM2004_1037_5


Cerussite, Light of the Desert

Geography: Namibia, Tsumeb: Tsumeb Mine
Weight = 898.00 cts
length=48; width=48; depth=13 mm
Credit Line: Cut by Maria Atkinson of Sedona, Arizona. Gift of the Louise Hawley Stone Charitable Trust; accessioned in 2000
Object number: M47982
On view
DescriptionThe light of the desert.This remarkable gemstone is the largest faceted cerussite in the world. It was named the Light of the Desert for its incredible fire or flashes of colour (caused by the dispersion of visible light) and for the deserts from where it was found and faceted—the desert of Namibia and the desert of Arizona respectively. This gemstone cannot be worn; it is too soft and highly sensitive to vibration and heat. These properties make cutting such a stone incredibly difficult.
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