Insignia for the rank of imperial official (mang dragon) - 950.100.232.A-C_1_A


Insignia for the rank of imperial official (mang dragon)

Medium:Silk twill embroidered in silk, gold and silver thread
Geography: China
Date: 1875-1900
Period: Guangxu (r. 1875-1908), Qing Dynasty
29 x 31 cm
Object number: 950.100.232.A-C
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Sigmund Samuel
Not on view
DescriptionSet of imperial insignia for the front and back of a man's pufu (overcoat); imperial official with five-clawed front-facing dragon (mang). Blue silk twill ground. Design embroidered with silk floss in satin stitch, stem stitch and couching. Dragon in couched gold thread and some satin and stem stitch, suspended above wave border containing buddhist symbols against background of clouds, bats, and taoist symbols. Analine purple in wave border. Border of bats and shou characters in couched gold and silver thread.
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