Emperor's semiformal 12 symbol dragon robe (jifu) - ROM2008_9903_7


Emperor's semiformal 12 symbol dragon robe (jifu)

Medium:Silk twill embroidered in silk and gold
Geography: China
Date: c. 1759
Period: Qianlong (r. 1735-1795), Qing Dynasty
150 x 211.5 cm
Object number: 909.12.2
Credit Line: No Credit Line
Not on view
DescriptionDragons, the most powerful mythic beast in Asia, have decorated garments worn by emperors and the imperial court since the 10th century. At court, dragons with five claws outranked those with four. This yellow dragon robe is the ROM's oldest surviving twelve symbol Qing dynasty robe. The doubling of constellation (three balls) and mountain symbols at the back of the neck of this emperor’s twelve symbol robe was indicated on draft edicts governing imperial wardrobe in 1759, but by the time the edicts were published in 1761, the constellation appeared only on the front of the coat.
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