Insignia for a 7th rank civil official (mandarin duck) - 950.100.172_1


Insignia for a 7th rank civil official (mandarin duck)

Medium:Satin embroidered in silk and gold thread
Geography: China
Date: 1840-1860 ?
Period: Daoguang (r. 1821-1850) or Xianfeng (r. 1850-1861), Qing Dynasty
30 x 31 cm
Object number: 950.100.172
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Sigmund Samuel
Not on view
DescriptionInsignia badge for the back of the pufu (overcoat) of a 7th rank civil official (mandarin duck). Dark blue satin embroidered with silk floss in peking knot stitch and some outlining in couched gold thread. Left-facing bird on mound in billows with buddhist symbols; peaches and peonies grow at the sides; clouds and bats in sky above. Border of fret and floral motifs.
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