Tiraz textile fragment with monumental inscription - ROM2014_14085_7


Tiraz textile fragment with monumental inscription

Medium:Linen tabby with tapestry-woven inscription in silk
Geography: Misr (Old Cairo), Egypt
Date: 975-996
Period: al-Aziz (r. 975-996), Fatimid Dynasty
45 x 75 cm
Object number: 978.76.984.A
Credit Line: Abemayor Collection given in memory of Dr. Veronika Gervers, Associate Curator, Textile Department (1968-1979) by Albert and Federico Friedberg. Certified by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board under the terms of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act. Attestée par la Commission canadienne d'examen des exportations de biens culturels en vertu de la Loi sur l'exportation et l'importation de biens culturels.
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DescriptionTiraz textile with majestic foliated kufic. This delicate fabric with its golden foliated kufic letters recalls the regal blue parchment Qur'ans with gold letters dating from this era. Wherever possible the designer has transformed letters into graceful swan's neck motifs (letters: waw, ra, zal, ya; and the neck of rectangular letters: dal, dhal, kaf, sad, etc.). Although the Museum has several similar fragments, the content of the inscriptions differ, thus suggesting that they belonged to a set rather than being part of the same garment or furnishing. The only historical information conveyed is part of the Fatimid Caliph al-Aziz's name: Abu l-Mansur. His reign is known for economic stability, expansion of empire into Palestine and Syria, and urban development (including the founding of the al-Azhar University in 988). Inscription: Line 1 ends at the left selvage: Inscriptions : La ligne 1 se termine à la lisière gauche : [Bismillah] al-rahman al-rahim la illaha illa Allah wahdahu.... nasr min Allah wa-fath qarib li-Abd Allah wa-walihi [Abi] l-Mansur Line 2 begins at the left selvage: Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim la i[llaha illa Allah] wahdahu...wa-fath qarib li-Abd Allah wa-walihi Ab[i l-Mansur] [In the name of God] the Merciful, the Compassionate! There is no God but God alone. Victory from God and imminent conquest to Abdullah and his viceroy Abu l-Mansur.
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