Quilt made from furnishing and dress goods - ROM2010_11341_1


Quilt made from furnishing and dress goods

Medium:Woodblock and glazed, engraved and surface roller and quilted cotton tabby
Geography: New Jersey, USA
Date: 1830-1835
238.5 x 257 cm
Object number: 974.158.4
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Oswald Noel Edwards
Not on view
DescriptionThere is a large star radiating from the centre of the quilt, made up of diamond shaped pieces. Colour is very carefully graded in concentric rings. The quilt is composed of plain white with three shades of prints in red, yellow, brown, blue, green, pink, and yellow and brown in the centre. At the corners and at one end, there is a band of glazed printed brown cotton with birds, etc. It is bound with white tape and lined with white cotton. It is beautifully sewn and quilted following the line of the diamonds. This pieced quilt is composed of a range of popular printed cottons that span the early years of the nineteenth century, documenting the latest printing technologies and changing tastes. It includes monochrome discharge prints, a process that erased areas of colour immediately after dyeing, and so-called “drab” style prints in yellow, buffs and browns, lapis blue, and a new green. Each has been cut as a diamond and carefully arranged by colour in concentric rows. It is beautifully quilted following the diamond pattern. The border is made up from a high end English design produced about 1815 by Charles Swainson of Bannister Hall printworks. This may well have been a marriage quilt made by Catherine Gulick, who wed Peter H. Staats in 1834.
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