Woman's shoulder bag - ROM2015_14431_5


Woman's shoulder bag

Maker: Crispina Navarro Gomez (Mexican weaver b. 1963)
Medium:Cotton with warp patterning
Geography: Santo Tomás Jalieza, State of Oaxaca, Mexico
Date: 2008
19 x 14.5 cm
Object number: 2014.35.2
Credit Line: Gift of the Textile Endowment Fund Committee
Not on view

Narrow cloth bands were seamed together and folded to form the bag. The motifs on the bag and strap were pre-planned, and reversed where necessary, so that they would always been seen the right way up. Crispina Navarro Gómez (b. 1963) is a "Miniaturist in Cloth". Born into a family of Zapotec backstrap weavers, Navarro Gómez began making the traditional waist sashes of her village, Santo Tomás Jalieza, at age eight. Until the 1960s, throughout the Valley of Oaxaca, these sashes held up heavy wrap-around skirts, which are now rarely worn. Instead, Navarro Gómez and her sisters have adapted their weaving and now earn a living by selling bags, belts, and items for the home. They both invent new patterns and reproduce traditional designs, such as birds, animals, and danzantes (dancers with feathered headdresses), by carrying select warp (vertical) threads over and under weft (horizontal) threads.

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