Stone inscribed in Thamudic script - ROM2007_9125_1


Stone inscribed in Thamudic script

Geography: Northern Arabia, Saudi Arabia
Date: c. 100 AD
10 x 19 x 9.5 cm
Object number: 973.143
Credit Line: Gift of Mr. F.V. Winnett
On view
Gallery Location:Wirth Gallery of the Middle East

‘Thamudic’ is a name invented by nineteenth-century scholars for large numbers of inscriptions in Ancient North Arabian alphabets which have not yet been properly studied. It does not imply that they were carved by members of the ancient tribe of Thamūd. These texts are found over a huge area from southern Syria to Yemen. In 1937, Fred V. Winnett divided those known at the time into five rough categories A, B, C, D, E, of which A and E have since been renamed. In 1951, some 9000 more inscriptions were recorded in south-west Saudi Arabia which have been given the name 'Southern Thamudic'.

The ROM acquired this object from Fred Winnet in 1973, and he provided a transcription for it: "l'qrbn bn gdlh d'l m'n'l wdkrtlt 'hsmt wtmlh wtm(n?) wnsr wbhdlt wmqm" which he translated as: "By 'Agraban the son of GDLH of the tribe of Ma'an'il. May Allat remember 'Ahsamat and Taimallah and Taim (or Taiman) and Nasr and Bahdalat and Muqim!" (Translation by F.V. Winnett, 1973).

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