Bottle with hunting scene - ROM2007_9549_14


Bottle with hunting scene

Medium:Ceramic (stonepaste, moulded), with cobalt-blue, and chromium-black paint, and transparent alkali glaze
Geography: Iran
Date: 17th century AD
Period: Safavid Period
29.4 x 19 x 11.3 cm
Object number: 999.85.1
Credit Line: Etta Taube Sherman Acquisitions Fund
On view
Gallery Location:Wirth Gallery of the Middle East
DescriptionThe way the hunter holds his gun may look strange, but this tells us that he is actually shooting a gun in which the charge is ignited by a smouldering wick, know as a matchlock. His left hand is sheltering the "match" from the wind, which would not be neccessary for a flintlock gun. The hunter shooting a matchlock firearm at gazelles and birds was a favorite theme for these flattened bottles, indicating that guns were popular for hunting. The other side shows the quarry being carried by another man, possibly European, and a woman serving refreshments. Originally the bottle had a tall neck ending with a garlic-bulb top.
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