Sukia figure - ROM2019_17478_5


Sukia figure

Geography: Atlantic watershed, Costa Rica
Date: AD 1000-1550
13.7 × 7.7 × 10.6 cm
Object number: 2018.11.10
Credit Line: Gift of Philip and Marian Brady
Not on view

Sukia stone figurines like this one are common in Costa Rica.  The figurines depict an individual, likely a shaman, smoking or blowing a substance through a snuff tube. Consumption of hallucinogenic drugs were thought to bring one closer to the spirit world. The act depicted by may relate to a curing ritual performed to heal the sick and possessed.  These figures were possibly mass-produced and placed in homes and burials for protection of the living and the dead, much like how religious objects are placed in modern homes for a similar reason.

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