Gladiatorial helmet with cheek-pieces - ROM2013_13131_2


Gladiatorial helmet with cheek-pieces

Medium:Cast and wrought bronze
Geography: Said to have been found in the Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Date: c. 300-500 AD
Period: Roman Imperial period
31 x 39.8 x 46.7 cm, 2 kg 829 g
Object number: 909.65.A-B
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: games and entertainment

Roman Gladiators

The first gladiators were slaves and prisoners of war. By the Imperial era, their ranks included very determined professional fighters and condemned criminals. They were armed with a variety of equipment. Two of the most recognizable gladiator types were the retiarius or net man, armed with a net and trident spear, and the secutor, a swordsman equipped with a straight stabbing sword, helmet, arm guard, and curved shield.

Roman World
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