Sérandite - ROM2008_10089_10



Geography: Poudrette Quarry; Mont Saint-Hilaire; Rouville County; Quebec; Canada
Credit Line: Funded by Louise Hawley Stone Charitable Trust and purchased with the assistance of a Movable Cultural Property grant accorded by the Minister of Canadian Heritage under the terms of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act.
Object number: M50566
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DescriptionUntil the discovery of serandite crystals at Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, the mineral was known only as small grains and crystals, and poorly formed at best. In 1973, a large pegmatite 'pipe' was exposed in the 'floor' of the quarry at Mont-Saint Hilaire and yielded hundreds of superb serandite crystals. Among them was this enormous twinned crystal, which is arguably the world’s best specimen of the species; certainly, it has an iconic status among collectors. Much of the serandite from Mont-Saint Hilaire has beautiful bright to deep orange to orange-pink colours which are seen in only a few other minerals.
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