Man's formal 3-piece suit - ROM2008_9949_17


Man's formal 3-piece suit

Medium:Fulled wool tabby with embroidered sequins and silver filé
Geography: England
Date: 1770 - 1780
Object number: 925.37.1.A-C
Not on view

Man’s formal suit comprising coat, vest and breeches. By the late 17th century, the three-piece suit – co-ordinated coat, vest and breeches – was firmly established as the sartorial symbol of masculine power. As the 18th century progressed, the tailor’s art concentrated on perfecting cut and fit, particularly in the seat and legs of breeches that had to allow for both standing and seated postures. As tailors learned how to accommodate this and eliminate excess and baggy material, the coat became more cut-away to expose the thighs and reveal more of the male physique.

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