Banko-ware teapot with Noh and Kyogen masks - 2017.54.1.1_1


Banko-ware teapot with Noh and Kyogen masks

Geography: Japan
Date: late 19th Century
Ht 15.24 x Wi 12.7 cm
Object number: 2017.54.1.1
Credit Line: Gift of Penny Foster
Not on view
DescriptionBanko-ware teapot decorated with Noh and Kyogen masks, one on each side plus the lid. Kyogen is a form of spoken drama based on laughter and comedy. This late 19th century hand-made and hand-painted teapot is decorated with the masks for Hyottoko ひょっとこ (a twisted face character), Okame おかめ (a humorous woman), Tengu 天狗 (a long-nosed goblin), a warrior and a demon. These teapots were produced in the second half of the 19th century at the Banko-yaki pottery in Ise province (modern-day Mie Prefecture).
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