Villa Ahumada Bird Effigy Jar - ROM2019_17379_5


Villa Ahumada Bird Effigy Jar

Maker: Casas Grandes Culture
Geography: Casas Grandes Valley, Mexico
Date: AD 1200 - 1400
17.6 X 14.4 cm
Object number: HMC2
Not on view

In the Chihuahuan desert of northern Mexico, the Casas Grandes culture flourished in the regional centre of Paquimé from 1200-1400 AD. Paquimé is the largest known ancient Puebloan town and was a massive trade centre that specialized in exotic goods like macaws, turquoise, and sea shells. Because of the wealth this trade brought, the people of Paquimé were able to build ball courts, large ritual mounds, complex irrigation systems, and elaborate tombs for elites. It was also a major producer of ceramics, which are characterized by complex geometric designs. The rim of this vessel has been turned into a bird's head. Birds were intergral to Casas Grandes cosmology because they could move between the earth and sky.

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