Foxhead vessel - ROM2007_9018_1


Foxhead vessel

Maker: Moche
Geography: Andes, Peru
Date: 200 BC - 700 AD
Period: Early Intermediate Period
22 x 19 x 14 cm
Object number: 952.128.2
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. R.V. Le Sueur
Not on view
DescriptionAnimals are found throughout Moche art, with llamas, deer, fish, dogs, lizards, and crabs being among the many different types of animals depicted. Many of these animals are routinely anthropomorphized, although they are often so when in opposition to humans who seek to hunt or use them. Coastal foxes, however, are routinely shown as Moche-like warriors, priests, and runners. Elites were sometimes buried in headdresses and belts that featured fox heads modeled in gold.  This mould-made stirrup vessel depicts a fox head crowned with a Moche headdress.
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