Delicate Scallop (Chlamys delicatula) - ROM2004_861_4

Delicate scallops, Chlamys delicatula

Delicate Scallop (Chlamys delicatula)

Geography: Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, South Island: 23 miles off Dunedin, trawled from 450 feet
Date: 6-Nov-91
length=6.0; width=6.0 cm
(measurements are for the white specimen)
    • Attributes
    • Objects
    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomAnimalia
    • PhylumMollusca
    • ClassBivalvia
    • OrderPectinida
    • FamilyPectinidae
    • GenusChlamys
    • SpecificEpithetdelicatula
Object number: ROMIZ M12442
Not on view
DescriptionColour in mollusc shells is thought to be a by-product of metabolism and may largely represent strategically deposited food residues. Dark brown and black pigments, known as melanins, are common in the cuticle, epidermis, eyes and the internal organs of these animals, but they are seldom in the shells. The shell of this scallop is slightly heavier than most species of Chlamys and the inside is highly polished. Delicate scallops are found in New Zealand and the Antarctic. They are encountered in shallow water to a depth of 30 metres. In general, scallops with their distinctive fan-shape, have been frequently depicted in art and heraldry. They were revered as a symbol of Christian pilgrimage in Medieval times and well over 2000 years ago served as the basis of decorative motifs in the manufacture of mosaics, pottery, coins, statuary and other Roman artifacts.
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