white water-lily - ROM2004_1035_3


white water-lily

Geography: Canada, Ontario: Nipissing, Algonquin Park, Otter Slide Lake
Date: Specimen collected on July 18, 1900
height of herbarium sheet=11.5; width of herbarium sheet=16.5 in
    • Attributes
    • Objects
    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomPlantae
    • PhylumMagnoliophyta
    • ClassMagnoliopsida
    • OrderNymphaeales
    • FamilyNymphaeaceae
    • GenusNymphaea
    • SpecificEpithetodorata
Object number: TRT 014831
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DescriptionThis water-lily specimen is typical of the approximately 400,000 dried pressed plant specimens held in the ROM Green Plant Herbarium, and the millions of specimens held in herbaria world-wide. Herbarium specimens are mounted on a standard sheet, 11.5 x 16.5 inches, with a label at the bottom that includes, at a minimum: the scientific name of the plant, the collecting location, the collection date, and the name of the collector. The main label on this specimen tells us that it was collected by John Macoun (1831-1920), a leader in Canadian botanical exploration, who attained the title of Dominion Botanist in 1880. This water-lily, collected on July 18, 1900, is one of many plants that Macoun collected during his explorations of Algonquin Park. The other label on this specimen indicates that it was borrowed and examined in 1993 by John Wiersema of the US Department of Agriculture. Its data was incorporated into his treatment and distribution map of Nymphaea odorata ssp odorata in Flora North America, a project and publication series that provides the most up-to-date accounts of the plants growing in North America.
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