Effigy vessel depicting a man playing a flute - ROM2006_8828_1


Effigy vessel depicting a man playing a flute

Maker: Moche
Medium:Painted clay
Geography: North coast, Peru
Date: 100-700 AD
Period: Early Intermediate Period
23 × 20.5 × 12 cm
Object number: 924.34.3
On view
Gallery Location:Shreyas and Mina Ajmera Gallery of Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific
DescriptionThe Moche culture flourished on Peru’s north coast between 100 and AD 700. Much of what is known about their civilization comes from their painted and moulded pottery. This stirrup spout vessel depicts a man with an elaborate headdress, playing a flute. Music was an essential part of Moche culture, with studies indicated that ceremonial centres, in part, were designed so that sound could easily travel from the performer to the audience.
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