Reclining noble looking into a mirror - ROM2004_948_16


Reclining noble looking into a mirror

Maker: Maya
Geography: Campeche, Mexico
Date: 600-900 AD
Period: Late Classic Period
18.5 × 17.2 × 9 × 10 cm
Object number: 957.105
Not on view
DescriptionMade by Maya potters, Jaina clay figurines are unique in Central America. Mould-made and brightly coloured, they illustrate scenes in Maya life. In this example, a nobleman reclines as he looks into a mirror. Mirrors are often featured in Maya court scenes, and were used in rituals to connect with the spirit world. Purchased from a Los Angeles collector in 1957, the unusual position of the body in this figurine has led some scholars to question the authenticity of the object.
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