Fossil plesiosaur skeleton - ROM2007_9596_11


Fossil plesiosaur skeleton

Place Collected
North America, Canada, Manitoba, Theherne
length=380; width=170; height=76 cm
    • Attributes
    • Objects
    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomAnimalia
    • PhylumChordata
    • ClassReptilia
    • OrderPlesiosauria
    • FamilyPliosauridae
    • GenusTrinacromerum
    • SpecificEpithetkirki
Object number: ROMVP07905
On view
Gallery Location:James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs, Life in the Sea Cretaceous, Plesiosaurs, Dolichorhyncops
DescriptionPlesiosaurs were predatory marine reptiles that lived during the age of dinosaurs. Their skeletons include heavy hip and shoulder girdles, and a long necks. Their mouths were full of teeth for catching fish and squid.
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