Hadrosaur dinosaur skeleton - ROM2007_9608_47


Hadrosaur dinosaur skeleton

Place Collected
North America, Canada, Alberta, Red Deer River Valley, Quarry 3, Legal Subdivision 3, West of 4th Meridian, 699.960 m ASL
Date: Date Collected: 1919
length=700; width=95; height=274 cm
    • Attributes
    • Objects
    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomAnimalia
    • PhylumChordata
    • ClassReptilia
    • OrderOrnithischia
    • FamilyHadrosauridae
    • GenusLambeosaurus
    • SpecificEpithetlambei
Object number: ROMVP01218
On view
Gallery Location:James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs, Life on Land Cretaceous, Hadrosaurs, Lambeosaurus Mount
DescriptionLambeosaurus lambei is identified by its forward-leaning crest and solid, backward pointing bony spike. The hollow crests may have been used as resonating chambers for calling to one another. Differences in the shape and size of crests would help the duck-billed dinosaurs, or hadrosaurs, to recognize their own species. Lambeosaurus and Corythosaurus are the most common duck-bills from the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta. This specimen was collected by Levi Sternberg in 1919 and was first mounted in this pose in 1968.
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