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Antoninianus coin of Aurelian
270-275 AD
Country: Bulgaria
Antoninianus with bust of Carinus
282-early 283 AD
Country: France
Denarius with laureate head of Janus
c. 119 BC
Maker: M. Fourius Philus (moneyer)
Country: Italy
Samian ware cup base fragment
about 25-75 CE
Country: France
Coin with laureate bust of Constans
about 333-346 CE
Country: Italy
about 175-200 CE
Country: UK
Fractional coin of Diocletian
296-297 AD
Country: Egypt
Denarius coin of Pertinax
January 1-March 28, 193 AD
Country: Italy
Siliqua coin of Valentinian I
364-367 AD
Country: Italy
Bronze unit of Alexander the Great
about 336-323 BCE
Country: Greece
Follis coin of Constantine I
late 307-308 AD
Country: Germany
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