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c. 1975
Maker: Nahua
Country: Mexico
Toluk (women’s money)
19th century
Maker: Belauan culture
Country: Republic of Palau
Dance paddle
c. 1958
Maker: Mehn Pohnpei culture
Country: Federated States of Micronesia
Maker: Wayu (Guajiro)
Country: Venezuela; Colombia
Chief's stool with figures
late 19th century - early 20th century
Maker: Unidentified Luvale (Lwena) or Mbunda artist
Country: Angola
Kwewu or Wolf Kachina doll
c. 1950
Maker: Otto Pentawa
Country: USA
Baby sling worn over left shoulder
c. 1945
Maker: Campa culture
Country: Peru
Ornamental man's girdle
c. 1897
Maker: Ni-Vanuatu
Country: Republic of Vanuatu
Model effigy doll
c. 1920
Maker: Possibly Apache
Country: USA
c. 1905
Maker: Mapuche
Country: Chile
War shield
mid-20th century
Maker: Western Highlands
Country: Papua New Guinea
Tapuanu mask
early 20th century
Maker: Satawanese culture
Country: Federated States of Micronesia
Neck Ornament
c. 1970
Maker: Ayore culture
Country: Paraguay
Fly whisk
Collected 1884-1886
Maker: Unidentified maker
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
c. 1880
Maker: Possibly Kern
Country: USA
Shaman's crown
c. 1960
Maker: Seri
Country: Mexico
Crown (Panikoti or Diadememe-kutop) made and used by men during Mekutop dance
c. 1965
Maker: Kayapó (Xikrín) culture
Country: Brazil
Dance belt
c. 1970
Maker: Kayapó culture
Country: Brazil
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