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Etrusco-Corinthian black-figure krater with panthers and geese
about 580-570 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Rosoni Painter
Country: Italy
Etruscan or South Italian Greek bronze jug (olpe)
early 5th century BC
Country: Italy
Etruscan red-figure beaked oinochoe with three women's heads
about 350-300 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Populonia Torcop Painter
Country: Italy
Etruscan stamnos with palmette pattern
c. 325-275 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Group of Toronto 495
Country: Italy
Etruscan bucchero kantharos (drinking cup)
about 600-575 BC
Country: Italy
Italian black-gloss aryballoid-shaped jug
about 325-300 BC
Country: Italy
Etruscan Lydion (perfume jar)
about 550 BC
Country: Italy
Denarius with head of Julius Caesar (obverse) and Venus seated holding Victory (reverse)
44 BCE (before March 15th)
Maker: L. Aemilius Buca as moneyer
Country: Italy
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