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Theropod dinosaur bone
Country: Morocco
Bramble Shark jaws
Country: India
Fossil jawless fish cast
Date Collected: 1996
Country: Canada
Fossil ray
Acquired on January 31, 2001
Country: Lebanon
Date CollectedL 1973-07-16
Country: Canada
Fossil jawless fish
Date Collected: 1975
Country: Germany
Fossil champsosaur
Date Collected: 1999
Country: USA
Fossil ground sloth skull
Country: Argentina
Redtail Catfish pectoral spine
Date Collected: 2005-09-09
Nodosaur or armoured dinosaur skull
Date Collected: 1935
Country: Canada
Fossil entelodont
Date Collected: 1967
Country: Canada
Theropod dinosaur
Date Collected: 1998-10
Country: USA
Fossil bird skeleton
Date Collected: 1877
Country: Germany