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Late Geometric aryballos
about 730-700 BC
Country: Greece
Etrusco-Corinthian black-figure krater with panthers and geese
about 580-570 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Rosoni Painter
Country: Italy
Etruscan or South Italian Greek bronze jug (olpe)
early 5th century BC
Country: Italy
Late Ptolemaic oil lamp
1st century BC to early 1st century AD
Country: Egypt
Boeotian black-figure 'Kabiros' kantharos with naked men dancing
about 400 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Mystes Painter
Country: Greece
Attic black-gloss squat lekythos
about 425-400 BC
Country: Greece
'Hadra' Hydria used as a cinerary urn
about 260-200 BC
Country: Greece
Ptolemaic oil lamp
perhaps late 3rd century BC
Country: Egypt
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