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Solidus coin of Herakleios
636-637 AD
Country: Turkey
As of Augustus
6 BC
Maker: Moneyer, Volusus Valerius Messalla
Solidus coin of Theodosios III
715-717 AD
Country: Turkey
Samian ware dish base fragment
about 75-95 CE
Country: France
Samian ware cup base fragment
about 225-250 CE
Country: France
Base fragment of a Samian ware cup
about 50-75 CE
Country: France
Samian ware dish fragment
about 150-200 CE
Country: Germany
La Tène dagger
about 600-500 BC
Country: UK
Hemidrachm with head of Hera
about 363-300 BC
Country: Greece
Tetradrachm of Alexander III as Herakles
about 336-323 BC
Country: Greece
Tetradrachm (unit) coin
about 126-164 or 146-184 AD
Country: Afghanistan
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