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Small jug of Cypriot Black-on-Red ware
about 11th-8th century BCE
Country: Cyprus
Large funerary volute krater
about late 4th century BC
Country: Greece
Long narrow cylindrical alabastron
3rd 2nd century BC
Country: Syria
Two-handled dish of Birchrome I-II ware
about 1050-850 BCE
Country: Cyprus
Attic black-figure amphora showing a Maenad riding a mule
about 500-475 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Painter of Toronto 316
Country: Greece
Corinthian miniature kotyle
about 525-460 BC
Country: Greece
Attic red-figure pelike showing youths at an altar
about 460 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Pig Painter
Country: Greece
Corinthian black-figure oinochoe with animal friezes
about 590-580 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Painter of Naples 80253
Country: Greece
Egyptian alabastron (jar)
about 550-500 BC
Country: Egypt
Black figure lid
last quarter 6th century BC
Country: Greece
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