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Fragmentary bowl of Samian ware
50-70 AD
Country: France
about 1-100 AD
Country: UK
about 900-1120 CE
Country: UK
Beaker with slip scroll motif
about 50-160 CE
Country: UK
Base fragment from a Samian ware bowl
c. 65-80 AD
Maker: Stamp of Passenvs
Country: France
Fragment of a Samian ware bowl with bearded male busts
about 50-65 AD
Maker: In the style of Modestus
Country: France
Wall sherd of a Samian ware bowl
130-150 AD
Maker: In the style of Attianus II or Criciro
Samian ware bowl base fragment
c. 160-200 AD
Maker: Stamp of Namilianvs
Country: France
Samian ware cup base fragment
c. 34-66 AD
Maker: Stamp of Varius (Varus)
Country: France
about 1-400 AD
about 140-190 AD
Country: UK
Pear shaped jar
about 100-200 AD
Country: UK
Nene Valley colour coated ware beaker
about 100-300 AD
Country: UK