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Effigy vessel depicting a croutching jaguar
100-700 AD
Maker: Moche
Country: Peru
circa 2500 – 1900 BC
Country: Pakistan
Fragment, possibly from a cup (kotyle).
about 570-500 BCE
Country: Greece
Small jug of Cypriot Black-on-Red ware
about 11th-8th century BCE
Country: Cyprus
c. 50 AD
Rectangular jar
4th century AD
Country: Syria
One-handled trefoil jug
3rd century AD
Country: Syria
3rd century AD
Red Figure oinochoe
mid 4th century BC
Country: Italy
Rim fragment from a Samian ware bowl
about 70-230 AD
Country: France
Large funerary volute krater
about late 4th century BC
Country: Greece
Etruscan bucchero stand decorated with horses
about 550-500 BC
Country: Italy
Carinated bowl
about 1st century BC
Country: Egypt