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Bronze unit coin with head of Apollo
about 359-336 BCE
Country: Greece
'New style' tetradrachm
120-119 BCE
Country: Greece
Drachm coin of Alexander the Great
about 310-301 BCE
Country: Turkey
Drachm of Alexander the Great
about 310-302 BCE
Country: Turkey
Tetradrachm (unit) coin
about 126-164 or 146-184 AD
Country: Afghanistan
Stater, Hercules standing with club and bow
about 330-322 BC
Country: Greece
Antoninianus of Claudius II
about 268-270 AD
Country: Turkey
Antoninianus of Diocletian
about 284-305 AD
Country: Turkey
Antoninianus of Maximian
293 AD
Country: Turkey
Radiate fraction of Maximian
296-297 AD
Country: Egypt
Hemidrachm with head of Hera
about 363-300 BC
Country: Greece
Aureus with laureate head of Augustus
27 BC-14 AD
Country: Italy
Antoninianus with bust of Carinus
282-early 283 AD
Country: France
Denarius coin of Pertinax
January 1-March 28, 193 AD
Country: Italy