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Game piece
c. 3100-2890 BC
Country: Egypt
Sketch on limestone
c. 1295-1186 BC
Gaming piece
about 1-150 CE
Model dish
c. 1550-1295 BC
Country: Egypt
Game piece, marble
about 50 BCE-100 CE
Relief with two gladiators
c. 25-125 AD
Country: Italy
Torso of Aphrodite
1st - 3rd century AD copying original of 2nd century BC
Country: Italy
Modern reproduction of a Roman gladiatorial parade helmet
mid 19th-mid 20th century AD
Country: Italy
Game piece
Country: Egypt
Figure of male with Phrygian cap
1st - 2nd century AD
Country: Syria
Gladiatorial helmet with cheek-pieces
c. 300-500 AD
Country: Italy
Game board
c. 2000-1800 BC
Country: Sudan
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