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Sword blade
around 1500 BC?
Country: Ireland
about 1400-1250 BC
Attachment in form of a feline
about 500-700 AD
Country: Egypt
Attachment with a reclining animal figure
about 200-700 AD
Country: Egypt
about 1-100 CE
Country: Egypt
Leaf shaped sword
c. 1050-900 BC
Country: Germany
Lamp in the form of a Medusa head
about 50-100 AD
Country: Egypt
"Thistle" brooch
c. 50 AD
Country: France
Fragment from a Megarian bowl
second half of the 2nd century BCE
Country: Greece
Faliscan red-figure calyx krater (mixing bowl) with a figures riding a dolphin and a swan
about 350-325 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Fluid Group
Country: Italy
Corinthian type helmet
circa 500-490 BC
Country: Greece
One-handled flask
4th-5th century
Country: Palestine
Attic Black-figure amphora showing Achilles and Ajax playing a game
about 525-500 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Toulouse Painter
Country: Greece